Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Using Cloud Computing in real life !

I have started this blog to record my experiences wrestling and having fun with the whole "Cloud computing" buzz.

A little bit of my background with Cloud Computing:
  1. During my Master's study, I had taken a course "Web Scale Computing" which talked about using networked commodity hardware and a distributed framework on top of it. This cheap and reliable setup could scale up some really big data crunching tasks. We played with Amazon EC2 and Hadoop Framework.
  2. After Graduation (yup...finally did it ), I decided to pursue the cloud computing foray and see how it can be used to apply to real life business problems/processes. I am working on a project right now which again involves huge data crunching tasks. This time my role is to help the development team scale the process up to the task by providing infrastructure support.
This blog aims to record my experience while I enjoy doing my work :-)

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